I have been obsessively tracking my Holiday Pre-Order this entire week. It was borderline unhealthy as I was clicking that “track package” button about four times a day all week long! As I was sitting at my desk Friday, the notification changed to “DELIVERED”!! I sat at my desk quietly contemplating leaving work early as well as the repercussions to that action. I decided against possibly losing my job ?. Instead, I counted down the minutes to 5 pm … and then raced home! This is what was awaiting me…..

I can’t wait to play this weekend!

Stay tuned for sneak peaks of all the Stampin’ Up! 2018 Holiday Catalog Product Sneak Peaks as well as all the goodies I create with what’s inside this box! I already have our Holiday Headstart classes listed on the calendar, which you can find and rsvp to here: Purple Door Inks with Stampin’ Up!