What do I do with all these cards that I create??
I mail happiness to all of my friends and family!!
In today’s fast paced working world filled with computers and smart phones… small gestures from days of old are often forgotten. I can remember the days when you received birthday cards in the mail …. instead of a birthday text or birthday FaceBook post. Such a small gesture of dropping a greeting card at the post office puts a smile on the receivers face and brightens their day! It sends a personal message (which is made even more important by the fact that we live in a very public world now due to social media). I know, I know… we are BUSY! I am very busy as well and I often forget to send out my happy mail, or to get that birthday card to it’s destination BEFORE it is considered belated LOL. So I have created Magic Mail Monday. Twice a month on Mondays, I send out my  #happymail …. I mark these Mondays in my calendar so that I don’t forget! I may send out extras here and there if there is a special occasion that falls in between the designated Mondays.
Magic Mail Mondays Spread Happiness!!

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Here’s a look at this weeks Magic Mail….. 

This weeks Magic Mail is a sad one. My children’s Great Grandfather has passed away. He was a great man; hardworking, loving, and so very generous. Such an amazing heart. Today I am sending out a condolence card to their Great Grandmother. Magic Mail is meant to warm hearts and let the people we love know that we are thinking of them! 

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