Mistletoe is a very well-known holiday symbol and tradition. However, not many know it’s origins or how it came to be a symbol throughout the holiday season. This little herbs history dates back thousands of years! Here are a few fun facts …….
* In ancient Rome, the mistletoe was hung during the celebrations of the Sturnalia Festival which celebrated the god of agriculture, Saturn.
* The mistletoe was sacred to the Celtic tribes of the Druids, who associated it with protection,
health, love and fertility.

* Mistletoe was used by the Norse god Loki to craft the arrow used to kill Balder. In the end of this story, Mistletoe becomes a symbol of love.

* Through the Middle Ages, Mistletoe carried on as a symbol of vitality and fertility and carried into the 18th century being incorporated into the holiday season.

And a tradition was born!
It became custom to kiss when standing under the mistletoe. You are to pluck a berry from the herb with each kiss until there are no more berries to be had. And so it goes that there is no more smooching once the berries are all gone!

Here is a card created using the Mistletoe Season stamp set from the annual catalog along with the plaid patterned paper from the Festive Farmhouse Designer Series Paper. I’ve also included a list of products used to create this gorgeous card!

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